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CFGS has a very active Media Club.  The club meets every Monday to plan and produce a range of products. These include the BBC School Report, the Centre Star (a termly magazine for students) and our termly radio news show. Occasionally, we also visit the cinema and media companies for a real taste of the industry. On this page we will showcase some of the work we produce and share photos of how we do it all.

Here is a link to a clip produced by the BBC of the CFGS reporting team doing their brilliant stuff on Asian Network last week –


Latest BBC School Report

This year the Media Club learned of a 14 year old Essex boy who was killed by an online predator. For that reason, we focused the 2015 BBC School Report on internet safety.


The government is trying to protect young people from the harms of smoking by putting new laws in place.  They recently proposed to make it an offence for adults to smoke in a car with children.  Our school reporters, at CFGS decided to investigate the impact of smoking on the young.


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