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Gifted & Talented

CFGS identifies approximately 10% of each cohort as gifted and talented. We provide specialist programmes for these students to enable them to excel or to enhance their identified talent.  As a Rights Respecting School, CFGS believes it is important to develop every child's abilities to the full (UNCRC Article 29).

Gifted & Talented (G&T) and High Learning Potential (HLP)

Vision: We believe that every learner, whatever their current attainment and achievement, should benefit from high-quality, inspiring, innovative learning and teaching strategies which challenges the boundaries of their potential.   Our G&T (Gifted and Talented) and HLP (Higher Learning Potential) programme supports the school’s vision to empower the most able students and to transform their lives through outstanding educational experiences. CFGS ensures that learners on the G&T and HLP register take advantage of a rich, demanding and rigorous provision of learning both in and out of the classroom.
Aims: Our aim is to develop divergent, creative and critical thinkers, enquiring minds and resilient learners. We thrive to equip all G&T and HLP learners with the skills and strategies needed to learn and progress exceptionally and effectively in school, Higher Education, socially and in the world of work. We also want build partnerships with parents to accelerate progress and, where necessary, to both raise aspirations and support learners in realising their ambitious goals.

CFGS identifies approximately 10% of each cohort as gifted and talented based on their CATs score and their KS2 results. Learners whose CATs or Key Stage 2 scores might be lower but are nominated by teachers due to their cognitive abilities or teachers’ insight into their potential for high attainment if given the right support, encouragement and opportunities are identified as the HLP students which is reviewed and updated yearly. As a Rights Respecting School, CFGS believes it is important to develop every child's abilities to the full (UNCRC Article 29).

Entitlement: G&T and HLP students are entitled to differentiated support in class and to extended provision suited to their needs which stretches and challenges their ability. We provide specialist programmes for these students to enable them to excel and to enhance their identified talent both internally and externally by various agencies.

In School Provision: We differentiate our lessons in order to effectively stretch and challenge the G&T/HLP learners in class. This includes promotion of independent learning; individual, paired and collaborative tasks; imaginative and creative activities; subject based and cross-curricular enrichment projects.

Extended Provisions: CFGS has worked with Russell Group universities and large corporations such as KPMG to enhance skills and knowledge needed for our highly able students to compete with peers of the same ability in the future. Students have benefitted from mentoring and tutoring from undergraduates, graduates and experienced employees of successful corporations. Examples include the Aim2Attain course for Year 8 and 12 with KPMG and EBP, UCL Sutton Scholar Programme, LSE/UCL Mentoring Programme, workshops by IntoUniversity Bow, LB Tower Hamlets STEM challenge competition and generic or subject specific visits to University of Cambridge, Oxford, Birmingham, Sussex, Essex, UCL, Queen Mary, King’s College, Leicester's National Space Centre.

Individual subject areas provide opportunities for G&T/HLP students experience beyond their curriculum by working with professionals, attending workshops, entering competitions and delivering projects.

Parental engagement:  We work in partnership with parents / carers, actively seeking ways to involve them in their child’s education and provide opportunities for their child to excel in education. At CFGS teachers and parents are able to collaborate in supporting the student to meet her potential. We deliver workshops and provide information, advice and guidance in parenting and supporting their G&T/HLP daughter(s) in education.

G&T Coordinator:  The Gifted & Talented Co-ordinator advises on the G&T Enrichment Programme, actively seeking opportunities for G&T/HLP learners to access appropriate activities at CFGS and beyond and monitors the progress made by the G&T students throughout the year. This is to ensure that students are encouraged to achieve their best, appropriate interventions are put in place for students who are achieving below their expectations and the students who are making exceptional/accelerated progress are rewarded accordingly.


Students said about the CFGS STEM Challenge Day:

The activities were really fun and the pressure that accompanied the bundle of challenges aided us to gain an insight of the reality of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

I liked how the activities were different to the practical we do in lessons and they were really challenging; both educational, challenging l and interesting

Year 8 students said about Aim2Attain

During the sessions we learnt about hard work, perseverance, determination and most importantly how to let go and have fun! Team work is one of the basic foundation of life in school and a skill I will hold on for life. Personally it showed me that realistically I can only do so many things independently before I have to work with someone; it also taught me about new beginnings and chances and when an opportunity knocks one has to grab it with both hands. All in all it was a good whole heartedly educational experience that helped gain a lot of skills and memories that I will carry throughout my life