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How to deal with Bullying

(SHARP) Report Bullying | CLICK HERE  

BULLYING IS: repeated, aggressive behaviour intended to hurt another person, physically, verbally or emotionally because of difference. The bully may use social networking; this is called cyber-bullying.  As a Rights Respecting School, we believe that every child should be respected regardless of their background (UNCRC Article 14) and that every child should be protected from all forms of violence (Article 19).  We will do everything possible to ensure that students are protected from bullying.
  • Tell an adult, ideally your Form Tutor or your Head Of Year (HOY), but just tell an adult! This could be someone you feel comfortable talking to. Or you can report on SHARP.  Instructions on how to use SHARP are here How to use SHARP for students 2014.docx
  • Your Form Tutor or HOY will see you to talk to you to find out what is happening. It will be confidential where possible.
  • Your HOY will investigate. They will do this carefully.
  • Bullying will be dealt with immediately.
  • We will make sure there is support for those who need it or want it.
  • When you are happy, there will be a meeting set up so that the bully can apologise to you and everyone can be sorted out properly.
  • There will be a Behaviour Incident Form put on SIMS for the bully.


When we know, we can help.

I was bullied all the way from play group till Y8 and then it stopped. I decided then that I had had enough and got help from my Mum and from my Head of Year. I have not been bullied since.
My advice to anyone who is being bullied in school is trust the teachers. It might take time, but there is a good outcome.
Quote from a Year 11 CFGS student