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Physical Education

The physical education curriculum at CFGS is designed to provide students with the opportunities to challenge themselves both physically and mentally, by learning a wide range of new skills and participating in a variety of activities. While supporting and encouraging an improvement in their physical health and fitness, students will also have opportunities to develop their confidence and learn important values such as respect, teamwork and fairness.

The aims of the CFGS PE department are for all students to:
• Develop competence and excel in a range of physical activities
• Understand and demonstrate how to lead healthy, active lifestyles and maintain this into adulthood
• Engage in competitive sports both inside and outside of school
• Develop their confidence, problem solving and teamwork skills

Use the links below to view the Physical Education programme of study:

Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 Core PE overview 

Programme of Study 2018 - 2019

Physical Education KS3 Assessement guide HERE

You will be assessed over a variety of practical performances throughout the year such as netball, basketball, adventure based learning, fitness, non-traditional games and many more. Along with your own practical performance, you will be assessed on your ability to analyse and evaluate the performances of others, as well as your decision making and problem solving ability.

Physical Education is compulsory for all students from Year 7 to Year 11. In Year 10, you will have the opportunity to broaden your knowledge of Physical Education if you chose to study GCSE Physical Education.

GCSE Physical Education allows students to study both theoretical and practical components of the subject. The practical component is worth 30% of the final grade and is made up of studying three different activities in depth over two years. The theory component is worth 70% of the final grade and covers a range of topics related to Physical Education such as cardiovascular, muscular and skeletal systems, anatomy and components of fitness.

The exam board is Edexcel.

skills you will develop

  • A high level of skill in three sports/activities
  • Detailed theoretical knowledge of the human body and how it reacts during exercise.
  • The ability to observe and evaluate your own and others’ performance and understanding of what types of training you would need to undertake in order to gain improvements.

How will I know if this course will suit me?

  • I am good at, or I enjoy, Physical Education.
  • I am interested in, or am good at, Biology.
  • I am dedicated to improving my physical skills.
  • I am willing to work hard and apply myself.
  • I am good at revising for and taking exams.

What can I do at the end of the course?

Coach, Personal Fitness Trainer, Physiotherapist, Physical Education teacher, Sports Coordinator, Sports Leader.

Who’s in the team?

Ms. McLaughlin (Head of Physical Education), Ms. Clarke, Ms. Whitehorn, Ms. McLean, Ms. Dewell, Ms. Toth, Mr. Silti, Ms Lowrie.

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