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Admissions Policy 2019-2020

Admissions Policy - Sixth Form 2019-2020

Accessibility Plan 2016-2017
Anti-Bullying June 2016
Assessment and Marking Policy 2017
Behaviour for Learning Policy 2018 and Behaviour for Learning 2018 - Appendices
Bursary Fund Policy 2017
Charging and Remissions Policy 2018
Child Protection Policy 2018
Collective Worship Policy 2018
Complaints Policy 2019 and Complaints Policy Appendices 2019
Managing Serial and Unreasonable Complaints Policy 2019

Data Protectionbn Policy 2019

Data Breach Policy 2019 
Data Retention 2019
Drug Education Incident Policy Appendices and Drug Education and Incident Policy 2017

Examinations - Review of marking student appeals and script requests student version.pdf

                    - Assessment Malpractice Policy.pdf

                    - Disabilty Policy Exams.pdf

                    - Registration and Certification policy.pdf

                    - Word Processor Policy.pdf

                    - Early Entry Policy 2019.pdf

Exclusion Policy 2016
Freedom of Iinformation Policy 2016.pdf

GDPR  - Privacy Notice for staff.pdf

          - Privacy Notice for Students and Parents.pdf

          - Governors Volunteers Privacy Notice.pdf

Holiday Leave during School Time January 2017.pdf and  Holiday Leave during School Time Appendices January 2017.pdf 

ICT E-learning Data Security and Internet Access policy 2016.pdf

Literacy Policy 2018.pdf and Literacy Policy Appendix 2018.pdf
Medical Policy 018.pdf
Recruitment of Ex-Offenders 2019
RE Policy 2018.pdf

SEND Policy 2016-2017.pdf

Sex and Relationships Education Policy 2017.pdf
Single Equalities Policy 2017.pdf
Unreasonable Complaints Policy 2017.pdf
Whistle Blowing Policy 2018.pdf and Whistle Blowing Appendices 2018.pdf