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When you do well staff recognise, praise and reward you with CentralGOLD points. This includes all students and all staff that do not teach you as well as those who do.

CentralGOLD recognises achievements in the areas of:

  • Academic Attainment
  • Attendance and Punctuality
  • Community Action

You receive points with values of 4, 3, 2 or 1. CentralGOLD encourages you to improve in all aspects of student life.

Points can be exchanged for prizes or donated to the year group charity. To order your prizes you can email:

Staff at Central Foundation Girls’ School will tell you when you are doing well. CentralGOLD rewards program is here to celebrate your success.

CentralGOLD includes the following:

Gold stickers awarded when you produce outstanding work in and out of class. These stickers are placed on your work.

Certificates may also be given to recognise achievements for example:

  • 100% Attendance in a half-term
  • 100% Punctuality in a half-term
  • the Duke of Edinburgh National Awards
  • Achieving a GCSE or BTEC before Year 11

Trophies are given when you achieve the following for a whole academic year:

  • 100% Attendance and Punctuality
  • Student with highest points for CentralGOLD (one student in the school)
  • Student with top points scored for each year group for CentralGOLD (one student per year group)

You and your family will be able to see your CentralGOLD points and achievements on INSIGHT. Insight is a secure, password protected website that allows you to view achievements, attendance, and timetable as well as behaviour incidents 24 hours a day on a mobile phone, PC, or laptop.