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Year 7

Year 7 is an exciting time as you start your secondary school education.  You will study new subjects and have lots of new opportunities to improve your learning potential in many areas.  Central Foundation Girls' will provide you with a wide range of resources and extra-curricular activities to ensure you have a healthy life style and are able to cope with challenges. We want students to be respectful and independent.                                                                    -  Ms St Luce, Head of Year 7

"I enjoyed Science Camp, which was fun.  I take part in lunchtime clubs such as Art and Design.  Some lessons are challenging and that’s the point.  I have taken part in a STEM trip which has given me an idea for future careers in subjects such as Maths and Engineering."  Emily - 7Y

"Teachers support you and are kind. The older students are also helpful and are willing to give you advice."  Zohra - 7E

"I attend a number of sporting clubs such as football.  I enjoy learning French and English. I have made friends in different classes."  Basheera - 7Q


The Learning Lounge offers Tutoring and Homework support delivered by Queen Mary undergraduates and CFGS Sixth Form students.  Open Monday – Thursday 3:15pm - 4:30pm.  Please email or see The Learning Lounge flyer for more information.

For the Year 7 Student Homework Timetable please click here  Homework 2018 - 2019