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CFGS Students are Taken on a Magical Book Writing Adventure

Year 7 students were treated to an up close and personal insight into how to write a book with award-winning young adults and teen fiction author Sarah Mussi.  

In focussing the students on how to write a magical fantasy novel, Sarah took the students through the real-life journey of how writers structure and draw inspiration on picking genre, selecting the setting and choosing characters to compile a book.

Drawing on film and books, the students chose their genre. From children’s books classics e.g. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and The Wizard of Oz students chose their genre.  Explaining that books have to have a minimum of 4 main characters students chose their Protagonist (the Hero);  Antagonist (enemy  of the protagonist); Side Kick (best friend of the protagonist) and romance character (love object).   Through her step-to-step interactive approach together year 7 students and Sarah Mussi brainstormed a magical fantasy book that is out of this world.

Michelle Terrell, Library Manager who organised the event said:

This was the first time that Sarah Mussi visited our school - our students were engaged and attentive throughout and enjoyed every moment.  We look forward to Sarah’s next visit…”

Our Year 7 students clearly enjoyed the event and said:

“During her visit Sarah Mussi shared how she uses her imagination for her books.  After all this, I finally learnt the art of writing a book and the techniques used for it.” 

 “I thought that the author visit was absolutely amazing. She told us what it would be like to be an author step by step and how fun it is sometimes to be an author..”


Sarah Mussi, Author said:

“My visit to speak to the girls at Central foundation was an absolute delight.  The girls were all totally engaged all 240+ of them! They listened with real attention and answered the many prompts and quiz type questions that I posed them with thought and obvious prior knowledge and education that showed me how much the school values its reading programme. It was truly a joy to talk to such a well-informed eager and enthusiastic group of students.   When it came to question time, they were well prepared having written their questions down and were eager to ask everything from queries about my personal preferences to the life of an author and to an author's journey to publication. Many of the girls openly told me that they aspired to write stories and novels themselves, showing their creativity and interest in the written word. I would like to thank Central Foundation for hosting the event and making me so welcome.”