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CFGS Students Go Head to Head to Find Out about Different Careers

On 12th and 13th November 2019 all Year 10 students were given the opportunity to engage with employers from a range of companies as part of the Head to Head practice interview programme that takes place in the school every year.

Students were introduced to the STAR Technique in an assembly delivered by Dr Bailey-Morrissey, where they were given examples to support their answers they were planning to give during their interviews.

The visitors commented on students’ level of preparedness and praised them for their confidence, their level of engagement and the range of activities they participate in. After the interview, students receive feedback on the quality of their CV and their performance during the interview. The visitors also provide tips and advice on how students can improve their CVs.

“From this experience, I learned how to write a successful CV as well as infer what skills and qualities are needed in order to make a good first impression.” Thayiba 10T


“I think this was useful as they gave you good feedback and saying what to improve to make a better CV.  This also prepares us for the real world.” Fahmida 10T


As Dr Bailey Morrissey, Careers Leader said:

“It is an amazing opportunity for our students to engage with employers in this way. The event is such an eye-opener for students who may never get the opportunity to take part in a practice interview. It is important for them to gain interview skills because it is one of those essential activities that will open doors for them”.