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CFGS Hosted its Annual Careers Fair

Central Foundation Girls’ School (CFGS) are proud to have hosted their second annual careers fair on Tuesday 3rd December 2019. The careers fair was open to all students in Years 7 to 13. At CFGS all students are actively encouraged to plan for their future. Some students may have a career path in mind and know exactly what they want to do. However, there will also be those who may be undecided and need additional advice, guidance and information.   That is why we organise the annual careers fair to help them make informed decisions. 

Forty organisations, universities and colleges attended the event with over 65 representations manning stands, talking with students and providing careers information throughout the day. The overall aim of our careers fair was to raise students’ awareness of a wide range of career and educational opportunities available to them. It was also important to provide students with access to people who work in different sectors who were able to offer information, advice and guidance about the careers in their sectors.

With the aid of a careers booklet, students were prepared by tutors for the careers fair. This involved guiding them through their careers booklet, which contained a set of questions they could use but equally there was room for students to create their own. Another aim was to enable students to make informed choices about their future by encouraging them to seek out information about a range of careers, both before and after the careers fair, to help them decide on the best career pathway for themselves.

Dr Bailey-Morrissey says:

At CFGS we believe that careers and work-related learning activities are useful in developing students’ employability skills whilst providing them with meaningful opportunities to engage with employers; universities and colleges. This begins in Year 7 because we feel it is important that young people consider different career pathways as early as possible and begin to explore what these mean to them and the different routes into these careers.

We are so proud of our student Careers Ambassadors who played a significant role in supporting our careers fair. Their contribution was outstanding and involved greeting visitors; taking them to their stands; supporting Key Stage 3 students and assisting visitors throughout the day.

Our visitors were extremely impressed with students’ levels of engagement, preparedness and confidence. The following comments were shared with us through visitor evaluations and emails at the end of the careers fair.


"Thank you so much for extending an invitation to me. I am privileged to be able to share my knowledge and experience as a Santander Employee and as a Careers Mentor to support students in their future career choices."

David Ekwuruke (Compliance Officer)



"It was an absolute pleasure. As always, it was a very well-organised event so well done to you and your colleagues! Students were very polite and pleasant."

Jacquie Stewart (Administrative Assistant, Degree Apprenticeships)

Queen Mary University of London



"We had a great day – I think we would love to do it again and we definitely have some ideas for next time."

Stephanie Woodhead (Privacy Lead)



"The students were great – the girls were really engaged (even the younger Year 7’s) and we received some weird and wonderful questions, which is always fun! The student booklets they were asked to fill were a great idea. It kept them engaged, focused and encouraged them to ask questions. Thanks for having us!"

Sustainability Managers

Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd


"The students were very polite and engaging. It’s rather easy to see how the school achieves such great results."

CJ Uhure



"I have teenage daughters myself. I hope they come across as well all the students we spoke to yesterday who were engaging, polite and ambitious. A credit to your school."

Daniel Berrevoets



"Firstly can I say how impressed I was with the students at your school and their level of engagement and pro-activeness. I can honestly say it was one of the finest engagement events I have attended. We had a large amount of genuine interest in careers within the RAF but also general enquiries about the work environment.  It would be amazing if we could continue our relationship with your school."

Stuart (Master Aircrew) (WO)

RAF Engagement team


"We appreciated the opportunity to take part in this careers fair and are delighted that the school council is to give us some feedback on our new careers webpage."

Elizabeth Sparrow (Trustee)

Archives of IT


"Thank you for having us! We all enjoyed the event and were impressed by the students’ enthusiasm. A well run and enjoyable event. The kids were very polite and interested. It was nice to see they had been prepped to ask questions."

Content Policy Advisors



"The students were very engaged and asked questions, which indicated the planning ahead. It was interesting to note that although some of the younger students were unsure about what they wanted to do when prompted to think about what they enjoyed they were able to make links to possible career pathways."

Paulette Rose (Learner Welfare and Behaviour Officer)

Westminster Kingsway College


"A great day thank you! Happy to come back to help!"


Barts Health NHS Trust