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An Afternoon with Acclaimed Teen Author Kevin Brooks

Award-winning author Kevin Brooks held an interactive Q&A session with Year 8 students at Central Foundation Girls’ School (CFGS). 

Students got the opportunity to ask a range of questions about Kevin’s life, young adult books and career as a full-time writer.  

 Kevin shared that he worked in a crematorium, a zoo, a garage and a post office, before - happily - giving it all up to write books.  When he got to his 30’s he felt ready to write and develop the discipline and craft for writing.  This determination led him to secure the agent that represents JK Rowling, the writer of Harry Potter.

In respect to the art of writing, students asked where he got his ideas and titles for his books  from and whether he would write a sequel to his book ‘Candy’ which has an ambiguous ending. Kevin openly talked about having the title of the book before he starts writing.  for example,  the book ‘Lucas’ was always going to be called Lucas; and this informs what and how he writes and develops the storyline.

As a person who makes a living as a full-time writer, Kevin said that his commitment to it means that he would not write a sequel to a book because he knows what he is good at and does not want to compromise it. Kevin wants to  stick to this conviction for his books are doing well and are well received in different countries for example in, Germany and Mexico.

As a student said of the event:

“Author Kevin Brooks gave a talk to Year 8.  During this, he was asked many questions by the students.  In my opinion, his talk was very informative as well as quite interesting.”

Safaa, 8I

Author Kevin Brooks said:

“I’d like to thank all the very wonderful Year 8 students, and the equally wonderful Michelle Terrell, for making my visit last week so special. I genuinely enjoyed every minute, and I couldn’t have asked for a better audience.  The students were attentive, thoughtful, and really good fun. And in all the many years I’ve been visiting schools, I’ve never been asked so many questions, which for me is the best thing of all. A truly unforgettable day.”