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25-33 Bow Road, London, E3 2AE0208 981 1131

An average day for a Year 7 student

You will find that you quickly adapt to the school day and enjoy the new routine.  You don’t need to worry about getting lost as we will give you a map and you can also ask any adult or older student in the school to direct you.  Central is a very friendly and welcoming school.

 Each school day has six periods and follows the following times:

At Central, we have a two-week timetable.  This means that we call one week ‘Week A’ and the next ‘Week B’ and all students follow their Week A or Week B timetable accordingly.  You will have an exciting array of lessons, led by specialist teachers in classrooms that are designed for the subject and have lots of specialist equipment.

The following is an example of a Year 7 timetable:


On your timetable you will see different codes.  These tell you the subject, the name of the teacher and the room where the lesson will be. 

You can see that this Year 7 student has registration and then the following lessons on a Friday Week B:

The following information will help you to start learning some of the codes that you will see on your timetable: