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Please note, Bengali is taught from Key Stage 4 onwards.

Year 10

Autumn Term 1 and 2


Who am I?

  • Describing yourself 

  • Describing your best friend and explaining what makes a good friend 

Describing your family

  • Describing a family member and his/her personality 

  • Describing family relationships 

  • Making plans for the weekend 

  • Describing an evening out with friends/ family 

  • Dealing with family issues 

In addition, You will learn all the letters of the Alphabet and use of vowel signs  and some general vocabulary during this term 

Spring Term 1 



  • Describing various free time activities and talk about preferences 

  • Saying what sports you play and explaining why doing sport is important 

  • Giving music preferences 

  • Describing Cinema and TV preferences 

  • Talk about Bengali music, drama and musical instruments 

Modern Technology in everyday life 

  • Describing your activities on the internet, and discussing the dangers of the internet 

  • Advantages and disadvantages of using computers, mobile phones etc. 

  • Advantages and disadvantages of using social media 

Spring Term 2


Festivals and celebrations

  • Describing your daily life 
  • Explaining what you eat 
  • Describing a recent birthday 
  • Explaining what you wear for different occasions 
  • Describing a festival or celebration that is important to you 
  • Describing Eid, and other Bangladeshi celebrations and talk about own experiences 
  • Compare Bengali and English New Year celebration 
  • Talk about marriage and partnership 

Summer Term 1 and 2


Healthy/unhealthy living lifestyle

  • Describing fruits and vegetable: shape, taste and  giving preferences 
  • Buying fruits and vegetables and negotiating prices in a market 
  • Describing healthy and unhealthy foods 
  • Importance of exercise and physical activities 
  • Ordering in a restaurant 
  • Compare lifestyle before and now 
  • Describing various illnesses  
  • Social issues i.e. drugs, alcohol, homelessness  and  its affect in the society  and  discuss solutions

Year 11

Autumn Term 1



  • Describing  different destinations and plan holidays 
  • Describing your ideal and past holidays 
  • Booking a hotel room, travel tickets 
  • Discussing travel preferences 
  • Discussing problems on holiday/dealing with problems 
  • Giving holiday preferences 
  • Describing a past holiday 
  • Reserving a hotel room 

Learn the use of joint letters 

Autumn Term 2


My area

  • Describing where you live 
  • Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of your region 
  • Understanding and giving directions 
  • Asking for and understanding information in a tourist office 
  • Describing a local project that you have participated in

Spring Term 1


School life

  • Giving subject preferences 
  • Describing your school 
  • Comparing schools in the UK and Bangladesh 
  • Giving opinions of school rules 
  • Describing extra-curricular school life 
  • Discussing a school trip you have been on 

The world of work

  • Discussing different careers and which pathway attracts you 
  • Applying for summer jobs 

Spring Term 2


Wider world

  • Talking about the global issues that concern you 
  • Talking about current environmental issues 
  • Describing what you do to protect the environment 
  • Talking about shopping choices you can make to help the planet 
  • Talking about volunteering work you have done 
  • Talking about global events 


Summer Term 1 and 2 Revision

Examination boards and weightings

  • Listening – 25% 
  • Reading – 25% 
  • Writing – 25% 
  • Speaking – 25% 

Enrichment opportunities 

  • Bangla drama visits 
  • Languages Ambassadors programme 
  • E-twining opportunity for students in Year 10