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Bertha Earth Retreat

Day 1 | Monday 25th April 2022


The Bertha Earth group are on their way to Jamie's Farm in Monmouth, Wales.

'Our 4-hour journey has begun and we are soooo excited!' 

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We're officially half way in our journey. The first half was a energetic one with lots of singing and information sharing about the plan for the days whilst in lovely Monmouth at Jamie's Farm. 



We have finally made it into Wales! We saw this sign after we drove across the Prince of Wales bridge, and were then welcomed by a beautiful bright sky bouncing off of the Mouth of the River Severn. 


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We have arrived safe and sound and we are now completing or farm tour!





We had our welcome chat with the Jamie's Farm team. Then kitted up and was rearing to go for some fun farm activities. 



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This is after a long journey, a farm tour and a Bertha Earth orientation.

Today with the Bertha Staff we focused on the first C which is Connecting and all the students engaged really well.

As you can see were still here with huge smiles on our faces. 

Day 1 and complete and we are all excited for day 2. 


Day 2 | Tuesday 26th April 2022

These are our ladies who are observing Ramadan.

Spending some time with each other this morning, playing 4 in a row 


Students participated in their first Bertha Earth wellbeing session. 


Day 2 at Jamie's Farm and the girls are getting ready for some morning activities.








Some of the morning jobs was looking after the sheep, one in particular needed an injection for an infection she currently has.




This is baby Barney, named by Ni'mah he needed his morning feed and he also was lucky enough to get some cuddles from Electra. 






The different groups had quite labouring jobs this morning. They were all fantastic at just getting stuck in and supporting the farmers on daily farm jobs. 



Breanna and Electra cooked us a delicious dinner, with food that was all produced on the farm. 


This is dinner!







We went on a late afternoon walk and made it to the top of the hill. What a great triumph - well done to this group!


Day 3 | Wednesday 27th April 2022

This is at the first rest stop. 

We spoke about the journey to the top of the mountain and also learnt about our surroundings. Thank you Ellie!




The terrain on this commute was very steep but we used the power of positive communication to get us to the top. 



Although we stopped on the way to complete a stick puzzle.




Well done to all the girls today. They made it to the top of the mountain. It was 3 degrees and quite windy and all girls ended with a smile on their faces. 

Miss Whitehorn and Mr Pioli are sooo proud ! 






Here the girls are preparing feed for the pig pen. 




This was one of our last dinners on the farm, prepared for us by the Jamie's Farm team.  Thank you Jamie's Farm!


Day 4 | Thursday 28th April 2022



This is Timmy and we took him onto the sandpit to groom him.

Well done to the girls for remaining calm the whole time, as we were taught during today's session that horses feed off of human behaviour/spirit. As you can see Timmy was very calm during his grooming. 


Our final day on the farm today, we wanted to ensure all of our jobs to do were complete and we left Jamie's Farm as clean as possible. The animals did their part too, thank you! 







Throughout the past 3 days we have built some great bonds with some of the animals we have met, so we spent time this morning saying goodbye to our new friends.








Our final day on the farm consisted of farewells to animals, games in the barn and making some take home seed bombs to plant. 



Having a chat during a mini hike. Some creative stories were shared and students talked about their experience of their mountain hike the day before.