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Business Studies & Economics

We offer qualifications that are more about the practical working-life aspects of a subject.  In Business Studies we look at what businesses do, and why they do it. We examine areas such as Marketing, Finance and Human Resources as well as teaching practical skills you would need for your future working life.

As well as traditional materials such as text books, there is a large emphasis on independent research by students. To supplement this we also undertake a variety of visits to outside organisations to conducts first hand research. Recent visits have included Woburn Safari Park, Coca-Cola, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, The London Dungeon, Canary Wharf, Borough Market and Stratford shopping centre. Guest speakers are also invited in from local businesses.


We offer the Edexcel BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise level 1/2.  The course is split into 2 coursework units and one exam in Year 11.   The units are:.

Component 1: Exploring Enterprises

Component 2: Planning for and Pitching an Enterprise Activity

Component 3: Promotion and Finance for Enterprise (exam)

Students undertaking this course will be expected to carry out their own research on a range of businesses and apply their knowledge to real life case studies.  They will also take part in a Dragon’s Den style Business pitch for a mini enterprise idea.  The course will build upon student’s knowledge of the outside world and allows them to develop their understanding of why businesses act in the way that they do as well as making suggestions as to how a business can improve.


At Key Stage 5 we offer a variety of courses.  Students can choose the BTEC First Award in Business which is designed as a bridge between Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications.  This qualification involves three coursework units and an online Finance exam.   Level 3 students can choose Edexcel’s  BTEC National in Business (NQF) which can be taken as a stand alone subject or in conjunction with other A Levels. As such, it is worth between 1 and 3 'A' Levels depending on the number of units undertaken.  This course is a mixture of exams and coursework units and covers areas such as Finance, Marketing, Business Management and Career Development.

Would This Course Suit Me?

Students who do well on our courses are those that are interested in the subject matter and apply themselves to their coursework. Motivated students who work well independently and enjoy research.
We would expect students studying Business Studies in the sixth form to either progress onto University or to go onto a suitable apprenticeship.

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Economics is a social science where students study the economic problems that face governments and examines the proposed solutions to these problems. It allows students to apply their quantitative mathematical skills to real life scenarios.  Students study the economic impact of decisions at both macro and micro level.  You will learn about the importance of market forces and the consequences of a market being at disequilibrium.

A strong grasp of Mathematics and a logical approach is important for the subject as is an interest in current affairs.


Economics is a highly respected subject both at university level and in the world of work as it requires a challenging logical approach.  Starting salaries for Economics graduates are significantly above those of most other graduates and is a highly sought after skill in locations such as the City of London.

Exam Board: AQA

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 ​​​​​Mr. J. Whitfield, Head of Business Studies & BTEC Quality Nominee

Ms. L. Sattin Laura, Teacher of Business Studies

Mr. A. Nichol, Teacher of Business Studies

Mr. J.  Amin, Teacher of Economics & Lead for Enterprise Education