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Cashless Catering

CFGS operates a cashless, biometric finger scan system for school meals. At CFGS, both staff and students use this system with the benefits of reduced queueing, fast, secure transactions and no stigma being attached to Free School Meal recipients. There is no image of the fingerprint stored, but a series of digits is created so the computer can recognise a student/member of staff when their finger is placed on a scanner.

For students who are not free school meals, cash for meals is paid into the machine at the start of each week or half term, as food is purchased with the biometric scan the balance is updated so students can see how much money they have left.  Students can ‘top-up’ their account at a number of payment machines around the school as and when required.

Written parental and student consent is sought prior to the school taking and processing the student’s biometric data. The school treat all data with appropriate care and it complies with data protection principles as set out in the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012. CFGS also provide alternative means where a parent or student has refused consent.

View SIMS Pay guidance

Catering Menu

Catering Price List


Sandwich meal deal  £2.30
Sandwich Plain  £1.50
Baguette filled £1.90
bagels  £1.85
bloomers  £1.70
Sandwich Salad £1.70
Sandwich Special  £1.90
Painin cheese £2.15

Morning Break

Porridge  £1.05
Croissant £0.90
Pain Au chocolate £0.90
Breakfast Muffin £1.20
Beans on Toast £0.55
Toast £0.30
Savoury Slice £1.95
Samosa £0.95
Chicken Halal Sausage £0.55
Chicken  Sausage mini baguette £1.00
Savory Meat Bakes £1.96
Chicken Wings Pot £1.90
Panini whole/Hot Wrap £2.00
Popcorn Chicken &Potato £1.80
Pizza Slice £1.35
Chicken sausage roll £1.20
soup of the day £1.10


Main Meal £1.90
Main Meal deal £2.30
Jacket Potato plain £1.10
Jacket Potato 2 fillings  £1.80
Jacket Meal Deal £2.30
Hot Wrap £1.86
Beak street £2.30
Hot Pasta Pots £1.75
Chipped Potatoes £1.00
Jacket Wedges £1.20
Beef Burger £1.80
Vegetable burger  £1.80
Hot Bagels £1.95
Chicken burger  £1.80


Doughnuts  £0.80
Whole cake /slice  £1.25
Cup Cakes  £1.05
Fruit Bags  £0.70
yoghurt £0.70
Mousse pots  £0.70
Hot Sweet of the Day    £0.95
Homemade Cookies £0.85
Muffins/ Traybakes £0.99
Flapjacks  £0.75
Iced Bun  £1.00
Luxury Desserts  £1.50
Jelly Pot £0.65
Fresh fruit  £0.65
Fruit pots £0.99
Grape Pots £0.99
Fruit Pot Meal Deal £0.65
Bircher £0.95

Grab & Go Pots

Noodle Pots  £1.80
Pasta Pots  £1.80
Rice pots  £1.80
Chicken Sausage Hot Dogs  £1.80
Onion Bhaji Burger  £1.94
Soup £1.00
Soup & petit pain £1.20


Salad Bar-small £1.10
Salad Bar-large £1.50
Side Salad £0.95


Radnor Fruits 330ml £1.05
Radnor Slash 500ml £1.20
Carton Milk £0.80
Water Large 500ml £0.85
Carton Juice £0.85
Cupplet £0.50
milk viva 200ml £0.79
Americano  £1.50
Cappuccino £1.50
Latte £1.50
Esspresso  £0.00
Esspresso extra shot  £0.00
Mocha  £1.50
Flat white  £0.00
Hot Chocolate £1.50
toppings £0.30
Tea £1.00
Cream & Marsmallows     £0.53
Water 500ml  £0.80
Juice carton  £0.85
Viva Milk  £0.85
Radnor fizz  £1.00
Aqua splash 500ml  £1.30


Price Busters 1 £0.55
Price Busters 2     £0.99

Free School Meals

Apply for Free School Meals via the Tower Hamlets website