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Challenges for All


Becoming an active learner through Central+ is essential for all students at Central Foundation Girls School. Since 2009 we have been working with students, staff and parents on the types of skills and experiences that students at Central Foundation should receive through Central+. Central Essentials Passport is a learning log for all students in starting in Year 7 that demands that they complete a set of personal leaning challenges.

The Passport also gives them a handy pocket sized document to record all of the learning they do in their own time. All students in Year 7 receive their Passports at a special assembly in September.   It is expected that all students should complete all of the challenges contained in the Passport. For example:

  • Becoming an Independent Learner – We expect all Year 7 students to visit our library after school at least once over the year
  • Learning in your own time – We expect all students to actively attend an after school club and an activity over a school holiday at least once a year
  • Making a Difference – We expect all Year 7 students to raise money for the Year group's chosen charity
  • Being of Service through Volunteering – We demand that all Year 7 students volunteer in school or their community for a minimum of 10 hours over the year. 
  • The first passport challenge that  is offered to all Year 7 students in September is our Science Camp.  This is a set of four 1-night residential journeys run by the Community Manager and the Science Department giving students the chance to spend a night away from home, bond with students in their form and take part in a number of Science-based practical challenges.

For more information on Year 7 Science Camp, please contact:



Volunteering gives our students skills that make them stand out. Volunteering gets them active, boosts their confidence and self-esteem and improves their social skills. We expect all students in Years 9-13 to be actively involved in learning and volunteering in their own time. We offer the following programmes to support our students:

V Award 

We offer students the opportunity to volunteer in and out of school as part of the National v.inspired programme. Students complete volunteering hours in and outside of school and gain extra accreditation from v.inspired depending on how many hours they complete. 

For more information on the v.inspired programme please click here 

Duke of Edinburgh Award 

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a programme of study, volunteering and activities that employers recently voted as the award they look for most in a CV when recruiting.  We offer the Duke of Edinburgh Award at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.

CFGS has been the number one provider for Duke of Edinburgh Awards in Tower Hamlets for the last three years and on average equips over 60 students per year with a Bronze or Silver Award.  This year we have had our first three Gold Award completions, who will all receive their award at the London ceremony in November 2020.

For more information on the Duke of Edinburgh Award please click here 

Arts Award

The Arts Award is an accredited award at the same level as GCSE that offers students the opportunity to explore, experience and share their love of the arts.    We offer the Arts Award after school and in the holidays.

For more information on the Arts Award please click here

Services for Parents and the Community 

The welcome offered by the school isn’t just open to students but also to parents and other family members.  The school has a number of community services that parents can join.  For example, we have a Community Sports Centre that has a women-only gym.  We have parenting classes and other activities including family residentials and trips to the theatre and cinema.  We also have a successful Parents’ Forum that runs once every half term.  This gives parents an opportunity to bring forward ideas to support the running of the school.

For more information on making the transition from Primary to CFGS, please contact Community Manager, Mr. Walsh on