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Duty School Nurses

CFGS students have access to qualified nurses via the School Health & Wellbeing Service. The Duty School Nurses support young people and families to meet the needs of the student, including health conditions such as:

  • epilepsy
  • allergies
  • eczema

Duty School Nurses also facilitate drop-in sessions to provide support for the following:

  • keeping healthy
  • emotional health
  • weight management
  • sexual health
  • drugs and alcohol
  • smoking

The service is confidential and you are welcome to make a self-referral.

Our dedicated School Nurse is Tola.

To speak to a nurse or make a self-referral, please either complete the self-referral form or phone:

  • Chat Health: 07507 332 942 (monitored by all School Nurses)
  • Dedicated School Nurse: 07714 741 659 (Tola)