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Frequently Asked Questions

We love it when students ask lots of questions and you will be encouraged to keep being curious and enquiring at CFGS!

On this page you will find answers to a lot of the common questions students have when starting at CFGS, as well as the questions you might have during your first few days of school.

Some of our answers have been provided by current Year 7 students. 


Finding my way around

What will happen if I get lost?

You don’t need to worry if you get lost as there are always people available to help you. You will have a map in your planner and you can also ask a member of staff or an older student and they will happily show you the way. If the corridors are empty you can go and speak to Ms Hudson, who is located at Student Reception, and she will direct you or ask a member of staff to show you how to get to your classroom. Don’t worry – everyone (including teachers) get lost at the beginning, but you will soon find your way around the school.

Where and what are the different buildings?

On the school premises we have three main buildings; Explore, Motivate and T block. The different buildings teach specific subjects such as:


  • Art & Design
  • Music, Science 
  • Computer Science


  • Maths
  • English
  • Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)
  • Social Studies 
  • All the Humanities subjects

T block 

  • Drama
  • Design & Technology


Student Entrance

The Student Entrance is in Motivate and each day you will enter the school next to Student Reception with the library located directly above.



Each classroom has a name.  Classrooms on the Ground floor are referred to as G, First floor is F, the second floor is S. A number will be next to these letters and that is the classroom number, e.g. G44.



Some lessons are based in Aspire, which is mainly the Sixth Form block. To get to lessons in Aspire, students are chaperoned over by a member of staff through the side gate in the playground.

There is no eating in any of these buildings nor are you allowed in the buildings during break or lunch unless you are attending a club. 

What should I do if I lose my belongings?

Students can use a locker and this helps them stay organised with their belongings.  If you do lose something, retrace your steps, visiting all the classrooms and places you spent time in during that day or maybe even the day before. You can also ask any members of staff that you know teach in those areas. If after this you cannot find your belongings, go to lost property at Student Reception.

Please make sure that you label everything you bring to school – including your blazer and coat – so that it can be returned to you if it does get left somewhere accidentally.



What is homework like at CFGS?

You will start to get more homework compared to how much you received in primary school. To keep up to date with your homework try to finish it on the same day. By doing this the work is still fresh in your mind from your lesson that day and you won't have to look back through your textbooks to remind yourself. An expectation at CFGS is that you check Show My Homework and your planner daily to ensure you are up to date with your homework and lessons. You will get further information regarding these during your first few days of starting in September.

Every subject will issue homework and you will receive a  homework timetable in September which will detail how often you will receive homework from each subject.

Can someone help me with homework?

Homework Club

The Teaching Assistants run a Homework Club every lunchtime.  This club is usually in T16. You have to have a PASS to attend homework club and these will be given out during your tutor time, once you start our school.  You are allowed to take a school or home packed lunch to eat during Homework Club. 


Learning Lounge

We also have Queen Mary University Students who come to CFGS after school to help students with their homework and also tutor students to learn extra Maths, English and Science.

We call this after school club Learning Lounge and you can choose to attend for homework support or extra tutoring. Learning Lounge is every day after school except Friday.


Life at CFGS

What is Form Time?

You will be allocated a Form Group and you will go to your Form Room every morning. You will meet your Form Tutors and other tutees for 20 minutes each day and during this time you will discuss important topics about school and about the world. The register is also taken at this time. You will have the same Form Tutor, Form classroom and tutees in the class throughout the whole year.

At CFGS we give each Form Class a name which consists of your year group and a letter. The letters spell EQUALITY and so an example of this is 7Y. 

You will get to know the other students in your Form Class really well. For your subject lessons you will meet students from other form groups too as the form classes get mixed up.  There are 240 students in each year group.

What happens at lunchtime? 

The lunch break is 50 minutes long. Both hot and cold lunches are available or you may bring a packed lunch.  If you pay for your lunch, you will pay £2.30 for school lunch and your parents will top this up online when you join the school in September.  If you qualify for Free School Meals then your account will be topped up automatically.

The hot lunches change daily and you can find the menu in the school canteen.  The cold lunch menu includes sandwiches and wraps.

Students can eat in their designated areas or in the playground but no food is allowed in the classrooms or corridors.  Chewing gum is never allowed on the school site and only a bottle of water is allowed in a classroom.

For more information about lunchtime, please read our Cashless Catering page.

How do I follow the school timetable?

Our school has a 2-week timetable which is titled week A and week B. It is important that you know what week you are on so you are able to locate the lessons you have and where they are in the school.

What should I do if I have a particular interest (such as Art, Music, PE, Languages or Science)?

This is great!  We encourage students to develop and pursue their passions.  If you have a love of a particular subject and want to get more involved, then please speak to your subject teacher. There are lots of extracurricular clubs you can get involved with.  Sometimes we enter competitions and you may also be selected to represent the school.

How can I prepare for September?

To prepare well for September you will be asked to complete the Year 7 Challenges: Preparing for life at CFGS Booklet’.

You can also talk to family and friends about the transition from primary to secondary school as they may also have some tips for you.  You can watch the transition video on our school website and complete the quiz at the end.

What do you need to bring to school?

Each day you will need to bring a school bag big enough to fit A4 books in as well as a well-equipped pencil case (two pens, pencils, rubber, ruler, calculator and sharpener) and a water bottle.

Make sure you use your timetable to identify which days you have PE on to ensure you bring your PE kit top, dark jogging bottoms or shorts and dark laced trainers on the correct day.     

You may find it helpful to print out our checklists:


My progress

How do I know if I'm doing well?

You will get lots of feedback from your teachers and the most important thing is that you use this feedback to help you take small steps forward every day. 

In November Year 7s have a Progress Meeting where parents/carers get to meet Form Tutors and they will have a conversation about how you have settled into secondary school life.

There is also a Year 7 Parents Evening later in the year where you can meet your subject teachers with your parents to have one-to-one conversations about your progress.

Additionally, you will have a report sent home (we call this ‘tracks’) twice a year so that you can see your strengths in each subject and also see if you are on track to meet your end of year target in each subject.


My wellbeing

I am worried about starting a new school with older students. What happens if somebody is bullying me?

At CFGS we pride ourselves on being a friendly school. Our students are great examples of young adults who are respectful and caring. We are proud to have been awarded Gold Status from the Anti-Bullying Alliance All Together Programme.  This is in recognition of all the work that is done by both staff and students throughout CFGS in order to reduce the incidence and impact of bullying both in school and online.

Bullying is not accepted at Central Foundation Girls’ School. All students are encouraged to be 'upstanders'. The responsibility of an ‘upstander’ is to report any suspected bullying incidents to an adult either in person, through the online reporting system (SHARP) or by talking to a responsible student such as our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.

CFGS takes bullying seriously and all incidents are dealt with quickly and with the aim of repairing any damage done.  We understand that people make mistakes and often people are very sorry if they have done something wrong.  We support students to make sure that they do not do it again and instead are kind and respectful.

Who can help me if I am worried about something?

If you are worried about anything you are encouraged to speak to a trusted member of staff. We are always happy to help. 

As you will see your Form Tutors every day and they will get to know you very well, most students will discuss any worries with their Form Tutor.  This is why they are your first point of contact. However, you can speak to any adult in the school and you may prefer to speak to your subject teachers, lunchtime supervisors or Head of Year. 

If you want to leave an anonymous message, you can use SHARP on the school website but please remember that we won’t be able to get back to you unless you leave your name.

How do I make friends?

Lots of activities will take place both in lessons and during form time to give you the opportunity to meet new people as you will not be the only ones starting a new school. It is also really important that you make an effort to try new things and get involved in new clubs which will allow you to meet new people. The timetable of clubs you can get involved with can be found on our school website.  

What if I'm the only person from my primary school?

If you are the only person from your primary school then please do not worry as you have an extra special role. You will quickly make friends with students and you will be able to share primary school experiences with students in your subject classes and form class.  They will be interested in the experiences you had in primary school.



What happens if I don't wear the correct uniform?

It is very important that you wear your school uniform with pride and that you remember that you represent CFGS when your wear it. The correct uniform can be found on the school website as well as in the planner which you will receive in September.

Occasionally a student will have a valid reason why they cannot wear the correct uniform for a short period of time. If this is the case, you must have a written note in your planner or on paper from a parent/guardian to explain why. You will show this to your Head of Year who may then issue you with a temporary uniform card until this matter is corrected.

How can I get badges to put on my blazer?

At CFGS, our students are proud of their achievements and they enjoy collecting certificates and badges. You may be awarded with badges to put on your blazer if you join extracurricular clubs. Additionally, you can achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold Stars from Central Gold Points. Members of staff award Central Gold Points when they see a student doing something that it exceptional. This could be for something you do that is above and beyond such as outstanding classwork, behaviour, homework or demonstrating one of the Central Essential qualities. Throughout the year all of your Central Gold Points are accumulated and then if you hit the benchmark point you gain a Bronze, Silver or Gold badge to proudly place on your blazer.