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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Year 6 F.A.Q. page.  We love it when students ask lots of questions and you will be encouraged to keep being curious and enquiring at Central!  On this page you will find answers to a lot of the common questions students have when starting at CFGS, as well as the questions you might have during your first few days of school.

What is homework like at Central?

You will start to get more homework compared to how much you received in primary school. To keep up to date with your homework try to finish it on the same day. By doing this the work is still fresh in your mind from your lesson that day and you wont have to look back through your text books to remind yourself. An expectation at Central is that you check Show My Homework and your planner daily to ensure you are up to date with your homework and lessons. You will get further information regarding these during your first few days of starting in September.

Every subject will issue homework and you will receive a  homework timetable in September which will detail how often you will receive homework from each subject.

What will happen if I get lost?

You don’t need to worry if you get lost as there are always people available to help you.  You will have a map in your planner and you can also ask a member of staff or an older student and they will happily show you the way. If the corridors are empty you can go and speak to Ms Hudson who is located at Student Reception and she will direct you or ask a member of staff to show you how to get to your classroom.  Don’t worry – everyone (including teachers) get lost at the beginning but you will soon find your way around the school.

I am worried about starting a new school with older students. What happens if somebody is bullying me?

At Central we pride ourselves on being a friendly school. Our students are great examples young adults who are respectful and caring. We are proud to have been awarded Gold Status from the Anti-Bullying Alliance All Together Programme.  This is in recognition all the work that is done by both staff and students throughout CFGS in order to reduce the incidence and impact of bullying both in school and online.

Bullying is not accepted at Central Foundation Girls’ School. All students are encouraged to be upstanders.The responsibility of an ‘upstander’ is to report any suspected bullying incidents to an adult either in person, through the online reporting system (SHARP) or by talking to a responsible student such as our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.  CFGS takes bullying seriously and all incidents are dealt with quickly and with the aim of repairing any damage done.  We understand that people make mistakes and often people are very sorry if they have done something wrong.  We support students to make sure that they do not do it again and instead are kind and respectful.

What is Form Time?

You will be allocated a Form Group and you will go to your Form Room every morning. You will meet your Form Tutors and other tutees for 20 minutes each day and during this time you will discuss important topics about school and about the world. The register is also taken at this time. You will have the same Form Tutor, Form classroom and tutees in the class throughout the whole year.

At Central we give each Form Class a name which consists of your year group and a letter. The letters spell EQUALITY and so an example of this is 7Y. 

You will get to know the other students in your Form Class really well.   For your subject lessons you will meet students from other form groups too as the form classes get mixed up.  There are 240 students in each year group.

What happens if I don't wear the correct uniform?

It is very important that you wear your school uniform with pride and that you remember that you represent CFGS when your wear it.  The correct uniform can be found on the school website as well as in the planner which you will receive in September.

Occasionally a student will have a valid reason why they cannot wear the correct uniform for a short period of time.  If this is the case, you must have a written note in your planner or on paper from a parent/guardian to explain why.  You will show this to your Head of Year who may then issue you with a temporary uniform card until this matter is corrected.  

All you questions are answered in the attachment below...