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Homework forms an integral part of learning at Central Foundation Girls’ School. At the start of every year students in Years 7 to 11 are issued with homework timetables that outline the frequency of homework per subject, and guidance on how much time students should spend completing homework each evening.

CFGS use Show My Homework for the setting of homework for all Year groups, including the Sixth Form. All students must still write their homework in their student planner. It is permissible for students to write for example, ‘English – see SMHW for details’, rather than the full description. Teachers must check each student’s planner before the end of the lesson.

Planners are checked weekly by Form Tutors, and are also checked by Heads of Year and SLT line managers in line with school monitoring procedures.  The homework allocations below are a guide for the minimum expectation of learning to take place outside of school.

The homework that is set by teachers comes in a variety of forms and is designed to:

  • Consolidate and / or extend students’ learning and skills acquired in lesson
  • Prepare students for new topics or new schemes of work, for example through research based activities
  • Enable students to reflect on their learning and make improvements to their work
  • Create opportunities for students to utilise ICT in the presentation of work
  • Prepare for written and practical assessments
  • Develop and sustain the ability to work independently


       Homework may also entail visits to places of cultural, social or historical interest locally, for example in          Art and Design, Citizenship, Geography and History. There are also occasions where students may                     need to complete homework in small groups, for example video production work in GCSE Media                      Studies.

       An online cloud based homework facility called Show My Homework, is accessible to students, parents          / carers and teachers through the school website (go to Portals & Links – Show My Homework), and is            used by teachers to set homework that can be viewed online by students and their families. Show My            Homework can also be accessed via smartphones and tablets by downloading the Show My                                   Homework app free of charge. If using the app, each time a homework is set for your daughter you                 will  receive a notification via the app.

       Working in partnership with students and their families is key to each young person’s success in their              learning and wider development as individuals. Therefore we value the support of parents and carers           in regularly checking and signing student planners to see what homework is set, and secondly in                          ensuring that students complete their homework to a high standard by the set deadline.