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Level 3 BTEC

Level 3 BTEC courses are equivalent to A Levels and are run over two years. Business and Health and Social Care courses can be taken as an Extended Certificate (worth 1 A Level) or Extended Diploma (worth 3 A Levels). These may be combined with A Level courses if the entry criteria is met, to a total of three courses.

The Applied Science course is only equivalent to 1 A Level and so needs to be taken alongside other A Level or Level 3 BTEC courses.

We are offering the following courses for September 2020, to find out more information on the courses please click on the subject name. Details of the entry requirements are available here

The blocking pattern which determines the combination of courses which can be taken will be published once we have collated all of the offers made to ensure as many students  as possible have their first choice of combination.

Decisions on whether courses will run, and the combinations of courses available will be based on the number of applications we receive for each subject. If one of the courses you apply for is not available we will use the Reserve option you have stated on your application form.