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Modern Foreign Languages

In MFL, we aim to develop life-long language learners, through teaching that is creative and engaging, and strives to challenge and inspire all students. The study of a language is an essential component in preparing young people for life in the twenty-first century. It develops a range of transferrable skills that will enable students to become successful in any chosen field, including communication, listening, understanding, adaptability, problem solving and analytical thinking. Students will learn to communicate with people from another country and culture, and in so doing develop global understanding and international mindedness.

We believe that all students should be able to achieve exceptional outcomes irrespective of their starting point, and that learning should be accessible to all. The high level of collaboration between staff means that students have the same learning experience regardless of the class they are in.

Our aims

Key Stage 3

  • Develop an interest in learning other languages and stimulating curiosity about other languages
  • Encourage students’ confidence in another language
  • Develop students’ awareness of cultural differences in other countries.

Key Stage 4

  • Equip students with the tools to communicate in a variety of contexts, beyond those explicitly taught
  • Deepen students’ understanding of the target language culture.

Key Stage 5

  • Develop fluency in the target language
  • Introduce greater cultural, political and historical understanding through the study of literature and film.

We achieve this by:

  • Teaching languages in a way that is enjoyable and stimulating
  • Immersing students in a target language classroom
  • Rewarding efforts to communicate spontaneously in the target language
  • Developing students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
  • Fostering students’ ability to work independently
  • Preparing students for the next stage in language learning at all levels

These aims are delivered through classroom teaching and learning, but in addition we aim to offer all students the opportunity to visit either France or Spain at least once in their school careers, giving them access to learning experiences in an authentic context. 

In Year 7, students are offered the choice of studying French, Spanish. They can also attend Bengali club after school, to prepare them to choose it as an option at GCSE, should they so wish. 


The MFL Faculty

All of our teachers are languages specialists with native fluency.

Teacher Role
Ms. L. Berson Key Stage Coordinator for MFL/ Joint Head of MFL Faculty
Ms E. Macpherson Joint Head of MFL Faculty
Ms R. Ramirez - Riley Teacher of Spanish
Ms S. Shamsad Teacher of Bengali
Mr J-F Darmon-Shimamori Teacher of French and Spanish
Ms J. Imanache-Winslow Teacher of French and Spanish

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