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As a rights respecting school, central foundation girls’ school recognises that numeracy skills are essential for young people to reach their potential in school and for fulfilling opportunities throughout life.

We are committed to developing the numeracy skills of our learners, in the belief that it will support their learning and enable them to access the whole curriculum and, in turn, raise standards for all. We believe that Numeracy is not the sole responsibility of the Mathematics Department. Most other subjects can, in fact, contribute to the development and enhancement of students’ numeracy skills including their ability to describe and explain their strategies and reasoning. Almost all subjects depend on pupils having competence in basic numeracy skills.
Numeracy skills enable students to understand and interpret numerical and analytical information. This facilitates improvement in students' abilities to make their own judgments and to draw sensible conclusions from information. If students' numeracy skills are not developed and used they may well be denied the opportunity to develop the level of understanding of some topics or subjects at the level expected for their age.

Numeracy Aims:

Implementing systematically a Numeracy policy across the curriculum, with all teachers confident in the teaching of numeracy in the context of their subject.

  • To provide opportunities for pupils to improve and develop numeracy skills outside the Maths classroom.
  • To provide opportunities for staff and parents to improve and develop numeracy skills.
  • To build partnerships with parents to accelerate progress and, where necessary, to both raise aspirations and support learners in realising their ambitious goals.
  • To create effective channels of communication and a cohesive voice for Numeracy across the whole school via the Numeracy Steering group.
  • To encourage pupils and staff to recognise the importance of Numeracy in all subjects across the curriculum, transfer and apply Numeracy skills in everyday life /      unknown contexts.
  • To encourage staff to take responsibility for the development of numeracy in each subject area.
  • To raise staff and pupils awareness of key numeracy strategies through whole school initiatives.
  • To deliver subject specific and generic extra-curricular opportunities. 



We have created Numeracy mats on the topics  that appear across the curriculum on a regular basis. They are split into the maths categories students will recognise.

  • Number
  • Shape, Space and Measure
  • Algebra
  • Data Handling

These resources are to support teachers and students in the mathematical methods and processes involved within the skills.

Numeracy Mat Combined Core

Numeracy Mat Combined Support (Level 3 – 5)

Numeracy Mat Combined Extension (Level 7 -8)



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Weekly Form time activities * Weekly Staff numeracy challenge * Numeracy Rock club * Happy Puzzle Days * World Maths Day * Money Week * Mathletics Days


General Outline:

  • Covers some well-defined basic numeracy skills.
  • Aimed at 20 things that students commonly get wrong (e.g.  long division, percentages);  have misconceptions about (e.g. adding fractions); don’t know well enough (e.g. tables,  measurement  conversion)
  • Tested with straightforward can-do questions.
  • Pass or fail only – with pass set at a high threshold.
  • Will ensure that most students have a known knowledge of number. 

Please see the TOPICS for a Numeracy driving licence HERE

Useful weblinks for developing and improving skills for the numeracy driving licence


Interactive games

Place Value






On number line

Fraction of a quantity

Simplifying fractions video