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At CFGS, we believe that positive behaviour is best promoted and developed by recognising, celebrating and rewarding outstanding behaviour.  We hold termly Celebration Assemblies for every year group as well as the Annual Awards Ceremony.

Members of staff use a range of rewards and strategies to motivate students and promote positive behaviour, including: verbal praise, Central Gold Points, postcards, phone calls home, certificates and reward trips,  Students are also rewarded through Central Gold Badges and Certificates and special prizes such as the ‘Star Performer’ for two students in each year group.   

Central Gold

When a student goes ‘over and above’, staff can recognise students by awarding them Central Gold Points. In lessons, a Central Gold point can be gained for exceptional learning behaviours such as:

  • Asking probing questions
  • Excellent verbal contributions
  • Problem solving and showing initiative
  • Improvements to quality of work
  • Taking a leadership role
  • Persevering at challenging tasks
  • Positive learning attitude
  • Positive role model
  • Quality of class work
  • Quality of homework
  • Quality of independent research
  • Support and encouragement to peers


Students are also recognised and rewarded Central Gold Points for substantial commitment, for example, for their contribution to the wider life of the school, for excellent punctuality and for excellent attendance. The relevant staff member can input reward points through the ‘Behaviour Management’ tab for each student on SIMs and the criteria includes:

  • 100% attendance for ½ term
  • 100% punctuality for ½ term
  • Attendance at an extra-curricular club for ½ term
  • Attendance at an intervention for ½ term
  • Attendance at Learning Lounge for ½ term
  • Completion of ‘Central Essentials’ Challenges
  • Helping in the library for ½ term
  • Attendance at two or more Central + events during a holiday
  • Helping at a School Event in own time
  • Representing the school at a public event
  • Representing the school at a sports event
  • Sustained improvements in behaviour

Students who achieve a certain number of points will be awarded ‘Bronze’, ‘Silver’ and ‘Gold’ certificates and corresponding badges, and these will be acknowledged in Year Group Assemblies. to the wider life of the school, for excellent punctuality or for excellent attendance.  



Praise Postcards 

Members of staff use Praise Postcards to write a personal message to a student to congratulate them on an achievement, such as their contribution and effort.   Form Tutors give these to the students who can then take them home and show to their families.

The following Praise Postcards were designed by our talented students: