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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development is an umbrella term used to describe developing our student’s personal development and character.

At CFGS we ensure that our students have experiences which enable them to develop and flourish in the following aspects of their lives:

  • Spirituality – Students understanding different meanings and purpose of life and exploring their own.
  • Morality –  Students understanding different ideas on what is right and wrong as well as exploring their own.
  • Social –  Students being able to articulate their personal view points, respectfully challenge others and integrate with people who are different to them.
  • Cultural – Students understanding diversity by participating in cultural activities, preparing them to flourish in multi-cultural Britain.


CFGS puts SMSC  ‘at the heart’ of school development.  It requires schools to think about the kind of people we want students to be, the kind of world we want students to aspire to create, and the kind of education we aspire to provide.

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of every girl at Central Foundation Girls’ School is recognised as being of fundamental importance for their education by governors, staff and parents of the school. This is taught through all subjects of the curriculum, and emphasised particularly during Religious Education and Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE). Students are encouraged to practise the ‘Central Skills’ which helps develop their SMSC selves. These skills are creativity, adaptability, analytical, communication and problem solving skills.


In addition, we promote five core character traits; ambitious, independent, resilient, respectful and enquiring. These are called ‘Central Essentials’ and students can receive rewards for demonstrating these traits.



At CFGS we develop SMSC outside the curriculum.  This might be through trips, the School Council, student-led charity events, celebrating awareness days, careers events, work experience, GRIT&ROCK (is a charity which aims to help teenage girls aged 13 to 15 from deprived, inner city backgrounds develop greater grit, determination and self-confidence through a year-long mountaineering training programme), Duke of Edinburgh , sports clubs and opportunities to become ambassadors and stewards for many areas around the school.



At CFGS we have SMSC ambassadors who have a specific role within the school to promote SMSC. They participate in regular meetings where they introduce new ideas that they believe will help develop students SMSC. In addition we have our own International Stewards team which is a group of students who work actively throughout the year to fulfil their vision of making all CFGS students active global citizens. We have worked with various international schools located in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Spain and France and we hope to continue to partner up on various curriculum oriented projects to create a sense of global community for all students.