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Social Studies


In Year 7 students will learn about their place in the school community, the local community and the wider world. They begin with a ‘settling in to secondary school’ unit. The lessons deal with essential topics vital to keeping your daughter safe in the modern world. We cover important issues from how she can report bullying to advice on using the internet safely. In the spring term, students focus on the PSHE topics of healthy eating and puberty. Finally, Year 7 students work on a Citizenship project for global change, learning how they can make a positive contribution to society and help other less fortunate.

In Year 8, students will begin with a Citizenship topic about anarchy, autocracy, revolution and democracy in the ‘Forms of Government’ unit of work. They will then study the basics of the British political system in the Citizenship unit of work, ‘British Democracy’.  They will then learn about economics and financial planning in the Money Matters unit.  Year 8 students then go on to the PSHE topic of Health and how to evaluate risk, focussing on your daughter’s emotional well-being. Finally, in the summer term, Year 8 learn about human rights and refugees in lessons designed to help them appreciate what they have and consider the needs and situations that those less fortunate face around the world.

In Year 9 our first unit of work covers democracy and the legal and human rights entitled to UK citizens. Students then also complete a ‘critical thinking’ unit of work designed to keep your daughter safe on-line, help her identify risk and how she can avoid all types of harmful on-line material. We teach essential ‘soft skills’ so that your daughter can enjoy the benefits of the modern world, knowing how identify and avoid people and material that may be harmful. The schemes of work also cover issues such as on-line grooming, violence against women and girls, FGM and forms of discrimination.

In Year 10 all our students study core Social Studies for 50 minutes per fortnight. In this time they will study how UK democracy functions and learn how they can contribute and participate in society. There is an emphasis on ‘doing for others’ and all students participate in a human rights campaign as well as learning about charities and being charitable to those less fortunate than ourselves. In doing so, Year 10 students can earn a series of certificates, validating the charitable and other contributions to society they have made. In a competitive world, these certificates can be used as evidence for college and university applications, illustrating  that your daughter is a well-rounded student who has more to offer than excellent grades!

In Year 11 all our students study core Social Studies for 50 minutes per fortnight. In this time they will study ‘Global issues and the Environment’ where they will learn about global issues such as inequality, exploitation, free trade and poverty, climate change and pollution. All students participate in an environmental campaign for which they receive certification. Our final Unit of work focuses on study skills, careers, applications and interviews and aims to quip your daughter with the skills for the future.