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Student Leadership and Student Voice

CFGS Leadership

At CFGS we have an extensive set of student leadership programmes for all students running through faculties, across year groups and outside of the curriculum.  These programmes allow our students to develop their ‘Central Skills’ which are necessary for preparation for life beyond school.

The purpose of our student leadership programmes is underpinned by the following:

  • We want to create opportunities for our students by embedding leadership into the culture of the school, helping students recognise leadership skills and embed them. 
  • We want our students to be confident, articulate students who are part of the decision making process at CFGS and feel ownership of the school community.
  • We want our students to feel empowered and motivated to bring about change and know how to do this.
  • We want our students to be confident in articulating the language of leadership and to work in partnership with the staff to achieve shared goals.

CFGS leadership is based on the following model so all aspects of the school community can be involved:


The infographics below provide a visual of all the student leadership and ambassador programmes we run across the school.  Please click on the links to see what student ambassador programmes we run and to see what students roles and accountabilities they have. 


The CFGS Leadership Ladder showcases the student leadership opportunities available to all students from year 7 to Year 13.  We offer an extensive range of student leadership opportunities so students can become student leadership ambassadors contributing to whole school change or working on leading a project or an initiative in a subject department or faculty. All of our students are encouraged to apply for any of the opportunities available and students take on roles to challenge themselves appropriately.