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Student Leadership and Student Voice

As a Rights Respecting School, CFGS believes in the importance of respect for the views of the child (UNCRC Article 12).  It is very important to everyone at the school that students express their views and take a lead in their own education. Students contribute to the school community in two main ways: through Student Voice and Student Leadership. We believe that when students work alongside adults to take decisions, they not only become more involved in the life of the school but learn important skills for use later in life. These include:

  • greater independence
  • a sense of responsibility
  • self-organisation
  • advocacy
  • leadership qualities


        Student Leadership describes any position of responsibility that a student undertakes on behalf of her          peers. The aim of all student leadership activities is to improve the life of the school.

        At CFGS we have an ever-increasing number of leadership roles in order to give as many students as              possible the chance to benefit from the additional responsibility and skills that they develop in these             roles. We have 106 School Council and 18 School Council Executive members, a Head Girl and Deputy            Head Girls and dozens of students working on action groups contributing to decision making on a                      broad range of issues, such as after-school and holiday activities, charity fundraising, the Rights                          Respecting Schools agenda, the school food menu and repairs to the buildings.

        The offer has been widened further with the development key leadership opportunities:

       Learning Ambassadors

        Students from Years 7 to 13 receive training in how to conduct successful research, to enable them to            conduct meaningful action research alongside a sponsor teacher, with the aim of refining our                                curriculum to engage and impact on the successful attainment of all students.

        Communication and presentation skills
        Students highlighted in Year 10  receive training in effective  communication and presentation skills.               These skills are then disseminated throughout the year group with the students showcasing their own            skills and training their peers.

       Learning Mentors
        A Sixth Form opportunity providing accredited training from the ‘Institute of Leadership and                                Management.’ Students are trained as learning mentors, mentoring Year 7 students within ‘The                         Learning Lounge’ an extra-curricular facility at Central Foundation Girls’ School focused on improving           student’s ability to access the curriculum and make progress in their learning.
        We hope to further expand this offer providing a bespoke programme of student leadership                                  opportunities at Central Foundation Girls’ School  which address the current needs of students and                 the  school in an ever changing global community.

        Student Voice is the entitlement every student has to have their opinion heard in decisions that affect            them. This right is enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and is echoed          in our CFGS Charter. This document was jointly developed by students and staff and is a set of guiding          principles for everything we do inside and outside of lessons.

        The main way students can use their voice is through their elected representatives on the School                      Council. Through this student body all students are consulted on the big issues and have the                                  opportunity to express their views and suggest improvements to the school community.