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Supporting your daughter in Year 7

Your daughter has completed her first half-term of Year 7 at CFGS. This is a moment to celebrate as she has worked so hard and learnt so much in the past 8 weeks.  Please do ask her what her favourite moments have been, as well as the challenges.

GRIT is our Year 7 motto, what has your daughter done to demonstrate this?

Please can you and your daughter spend some time during this half-term holiday to familiarise yourself with our school website and some of the frequently asked questions for Year 7s. 

CFGS students are kind, respectful and encouraging of their peers. Kind words and actions go a long way; smiling at somebody, offering to help and including new people are all ways she can be a positive influence in the Central Community. Over the half -term holiday, please can you speak to your daughter about friendships and make sure she understand how she can also be a friendly, positive influence in the playground to her peers.  We are proud of our Anti-Bullying Gold Status, and please refer to our How to Deal with Bullying page for further guidance on our expectations of how we deal with unkind behaviour.

As students start to familiarise themselves with the school policies and routines, can I remind Parents/Carers that if an appointment is booked for your child it should be made for outside of school time. If this is not possible, your daughter must complete page 15 in her planner and bring a copy of the appointment letter to school on the day before the appointment so it can be logged and signed off in her planner by her Form Tutor and Head of Year. If the appointment is booked via email you can forward it to but please note your daughter will still need to get this logged and signed off in her planner by her Form Tutor and Head of Year in advance of the appointment.

Finally, we are delighted that 24 Year 7 students will benefit from the loan of a Trustee Laptop whilst they are at CFGS.  The application process has opened and the deadline is 31st October (last day of half-term).  Full details will be shared in a letter via Parent SIMS. Successful students will receive the loan of a laptop before the end of November.

To apply for a laptop, please  complete this form.

Future communication will be via SIMs Parent App. Please can you ensure your log in details work and you can navigate the app comfortably.

If you having questions please contact the school,

Thank you so much for all of your support

Miss Whitehorn
Head of Year 7