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Transition Units 2022

In preparation for KS5, you are required to complete Transition Units for each subject you intend to study at CFGS6. Completing this work is a condition for successfully enrolling into CFGS6​, and must be submitted according to the instructions given on your first lesson in September.

The purpose of the tasks contained in these units is to:

  • Give you a taste of the level of difficulty and demands of  6th form work​

  • Provide a chance to show off your cognitive abilities​

  • Test of your ability to meet deadlines and to work to a high standard. ​

  • Ask yourself if you are sixth form ready?​ What do you need to do to prepare yourself?

Below you will find the Transition Units for each subject. Please note some subjects have several links and additional resources so ensure you complete and read them all for your subjects. 

If you are taking Level 3 BTEC Business x3, you need to complete Task 1, 2 and 3.