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Who can help me with my learning?

HELP!  What do I do if I become stuck in the lesson?

At Central we are teaching you to be independent learners. We expect learning to be a bit of a struggle but we will give you the skills and strategies to succeed.  If learning is too easy, you are probably doing something you already know! Learning new ideas, words and concepts is  difficult, so we expect you to try the best you can to listen to the teacher, be alert and actively participate in the lesson.

When we are learning new things we can become confused or stuck, this is normal.  This is when we want you to stay positive and use the  5 Bs   to help yourself.


  1. Brain – First have another try yourself by thinking about what the teacher has said
  2. Board – Look at the interactive whiteboard or the ordinary whiteboard to check if there are any reminders about the activity or the steps you have to take to complete the task
  3. Book – Remember to look in your work book. Did you do something like this last lesson or even a couple of lessons back; look back and check J
  4. Buddy – Ask the person next to you if they can help
  5. Boss – if you are still stuck put your hand up so the teaching assistant or the teacher knows you need help.

Using the 5 B’s puts you in charge…”Okay, I am stuck, but what can I do   to help  myself!”


Help from adults in the classroom

Teaching Assistants

In many of your lessons you will find there is a Teaching Assistant  (TA.) Our TAs at Central are highly trained adults who are usually working in a subject area that they have a degree in. They are very well qualified to help you and have lots of experience in asking the right questions so you can get back on track with your learning.


During the lesson your subject teacher will also be checking to see if you have understood or completed the task and are ready to move on to the next activity. When your teacher asks for feedback, take the opportunity to tell the teacher what you have learnt. When you take part in a lesson, this encourages others to take part and the discussion then helps the whole class. Be thoughtful to others and share your knowledge and skills. This way everyone benefits!


HELP! Can someone help me with homework?

Need a space to do homework or help with homework?

Homework Club:

The Teaching Assistants run a Homework Club   every lunchtime.  This club is usually in T16. You have to have a PASS to attend homework club and these will be given out during your tutor time, once you start our school.  You are allowed to take a school or home packed lunch to eat during homework club. 

Learning Lounge:

We also have Queen Mary University Students who come to Central after school to help students with their homework and also tutor students to learn extra Maths, English and Science.

We call this after school club Learning Lounge   and you can choose to attend for homework support or extra tutoring. Learning Lounge is everyday after school except Friday.


HELP! – I don’t think I know as much as my classmates

If you and your teacher find that you are struggling with your learning in every lesson, then your teacher may:

  1. Check on you a bit more during the lesson to keep you on track
  2. Give you a TASK PLAN, which is a set of instructions, to help you remember what to do to complete the activity or maths calculation. So you can work more independently.
  3. Give you a slightly shorter task than other students, so you are able to complete in time
  4. Give you a word bank/sentence starters or a writing frame to help you organise your writing and know the key words to use in your writing.


At Central we offer a range of ways to help you catch up if you have gaps in your learning.

Maybe you moved schools and missed some earlier work. Maybe you moved country. Maybe the learning takes you a bit longer than others so you never got to learn it all.

We help by:

  1. Providing Maths and Reading catch up during Tutor Time
  2. Providing free tuition in English, Maths and Science in Learning Lounge
  3. Giving you additional teaching sessions with a Learning Mentor