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Year 11

Year 11 is an exciting and challenging year with the demands of GCSE’s.  The work load and high expectations will continue with coursework and homework. For maximum success it is vital that your daughter maintains the following:

  • Excellent attendance and punctuality record
  • Planning and preparation 
  • Revising along and with study buddy groups in school 
  • Devises a personal study / revision timetable and spends at least 2-3 hours on homework / independent study each day

There may be times when your daughter will feel that the pressures and demands of her work load are too much. These are the times that she must speak to her form tutor, class teacher or Head of Year and of course share any concerns with parents.

Central Foundation Girls’ school will provide support for all students with targeted subject specific intervention classes, motivational events, academic mentoring and emotional well-being.

Year 11 students must make it a habit to ‘revise little and often’ to keep a balance with their workload.   Staff will support your daughter so that she can fulfil her full potential.  Please feel able to contact the Head of Year and your daughter’s form tutor if you need any help or advice.

As a parent there is also much that you can do, such as providing a quiet place for your daughter to work and encouraging her to talk about how she is progressing and coping. Have a copy of her study/revision timetable.  If we can build on our home school partnership we will do much to keep your daughter focused and on track with her learning.