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Year 6 - 7 Tranistion: English

In English, we build on what you learned in Literacy in Primary School and take it to a whole new level. Sure, we’ll still do lots of reading and writing- but you’ll be thinking more deeply than ever before. 

We study stories from across time, from Ancient Greece to America in 2017. One of the best things about literature is the way it can help you connect to people who you could never have met; when you read their words, you start to see through their eyes. Ever wondered what it might be like to grow up in 1930s America where it’s illegal to go to school with people who aren’t your race? Ever considered why someone might risk their lives to look at the person they fell in love with just one… more… time? Ever felt like your friend was amazing, but realised that they didn’t understand you at all? These are the experiences of some of the characters you will meet during CFGS English.   

Over your five years, you will learn to understand, and use, the skills of a writer: how they create their books, and why they make us feel the way they do. You will also learn how to see through the way that people try to use their words and power to change your mind.  

Other than your regular lessons, we also have time in the library where you will be able to read books and take quizzes (and maybe even win a prize). We also have Let’s Think classes, where you will discuss and argue about a piece of literature so that you become confident in developing your own interpretations. On top of this, each year we have authors who visit and run workshops to help you become the next best-selling writer.