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Year 6 -7 Transition: Social Studeis

Welcome to Social Studies soon-to-be year 7s!

In our lessons you will learn all about your rights and how to stand up for them. We will campaign on big issues the world is facing like children not being able to go to school and plastic pollution.

You will research your local community to see what services there are for people, and in groups, work together to design your own service to solve problems that worry you in your area

It is important you know what is happening in the world, so we teach you about the news and why you shouldn’t believe everything you see online. We want you to be able to think for yourself and question things.

We also do activities to help you settle into CFGS and know where to turn to if you have any issues. We talk about growing up, changes you’re going through and ways to deal with emotions

You will have Social Studies through all your years at CFGS and in year 7 you have 3 lessons a fortnight.

We can’t wait to meet you all!