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Year 6-7 Transition MFL

Before you start at CGFS, you will be asked which language you would prefer to study – French or Spanish. If you have been studying either of these languages at your primary school, we would encourage you to continue with it – it will give you a head start in your learning.

French and Spanish in Year 7 are really fun and engaging. You will learn the building blocks of the language, so you will be able to start talking more spontaneously and confidently. We work a lot on speaking French and Spanish, and we play lots of games which will help you remember the vocabulary and get the pronunciation right. Your teacher will mainly only speak French / Spanish in the classroom, which might feel confusing at first but you will quickly find you get used to it! (And don’t worry, your teacher will always check that you understand what to do!).

In Year 7 you will learn to talk about yourself and your family, where you live and your area. You will also watch a film.

You can join Bengali club which takes place after school on Wednesdays. At Bengali club you will learn the letters and new vocabulary, and have lots of fun playing games and doing cultural activities.  

If you have any questions about MFL at CFGS please contact us through the following email address: